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Need effective and clear communications when doing business with Spanish companies?

Need technically thorough translations, with the fluidity and the communication resources of a native Spanish speaker with hands-on experience in marketing and advertising?


Communication is a decisive asset in all organizations both in their internal and external environment and at the level of their operational and strategic processes.

Perhaps you are a young entrepreneur taking your first steps and need to present your business plan to gain funding.

Maybe you are a renowned professional offering your consultancy services to foreign companies or attending international conferences as a speaker.

It may be that you are a manager involved in an internationalization project and must carry out the adaptation of texts on packaging labels, manuals, websites, communication materials, etc.

Or it could be that you are looking to contact foreign suppliers to subcontract OEMs.

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Communication has become a key factor in business success and, within this, translation is an ally which promotes the spread of ideas in a global, interconnected and digitalized society.

{Engaging and effective communications}

Communication plays a central role.
What is told and the way it is told will be your business card, and it will determine, to a large extent, the reaction of your audience.


{The secret of good translations}

Información precisa


The best way to ensure success is to make sure that the translated words faithfully represent the original information.

Linguistic adaptation is incredibly powerful and should be an integral part of the internationalization process of brands in order to objectively evaluating the real results of operations in other markets. Neglecting this key factor could influence in decision making  –and not to your benefit. 



When a translation is done well by a professional specialized in the field, those for whom it is intended understand it perfectly. Clear content expressed adequately in the native language of your target audience improves understanding and causes an immediate emotional response.

Modern neuroscience has confirmed that we associate a greater emotional impact with words and phrases expressed in our native language. This is related with implicit memory, with knowledge and previous experiences which we have had. If we add to this the fact that, in over 90% of cases, the decisions that we make have a determining emotional component, the argument about the importance of communication in the mother tongue is gaining strength.


{The secret to good service}

Are you looking for speed and rough results or well-executed work in a reasonable timeframe? What is behind a good translation service?

buen servicio de traducción 

Awareness, thoroughness and efficiency are essential for producing quality written texts within established deadlines.

Availability and courtesy in relationships with clients, confidentiality and commitment are essential qualities for creating stable and long-lasting connections.

Ongoing training and acquisition of a greater technical vocabulary in the specialization areas are essential conditions for guaranteeing the effective mastery of language and continuing professional growth.



Websites, corporate blog posts, social network posts, newsletters, product catalogues, management reports, dossiers, marketing strategies, promotional materials, international correspondence, press releases, materials for trade fairs, advertising texts, applications, sectorial studies, competition analysis, advertising briefs, communications strategies, market research, business plans, technical manuals, texts on consumer behavior, supplies, commercial distribution, imports of goods, etc.




{Short biography}

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One day in May, having completed a postgraduate specialization course in International Trade, I moved to Italy. It was 2004. I left behind the city of Madrid, the world of advertising, marketing and multinational companies, and joined a startup e-commerce company in the Hobby RC industry. I initially worked in several areas, such as drawing up of business plan, administration, online catalogue management, content development, back-office…, for later assume the position of international supply chain manager.

Ten years slipped by. I felt the need to broaden my horizons and reconnect with my cultural and professional roots: communication. I love words.

Since then, I stay focused on my dream. I have established myself as a freelance translator and content developer, specializing in marketing-advertising and supply chain management, drawing on the 15-year hands-on experience and sound knowledge previously acquired in these fields.

In my free time, I enjoy immensely reading, in the original language where possible. On my shelves you can find different styles, periods and genres: Madame Bovary, Short Stories by Chekhov, biographies of Billy Wilder and Woody Allen, the contemporary narratives of Almudena Grandes, María Dueñas, Paul Auster and Khaled Hosseini, and books of essays or journalistic articles on very varied themes, from National Geographic descriptions which take us to the remote corners of the planet, to the most recent convulsive chronicle of international socio-economics, to alternative cultural news —curious by nature.

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